Design high growth products without legal risk

We turn your digital legal obligations into design solutions, so you can focus on growing your business.

Avoid fines and enforcement actions

Minimize legal risks by ensuring your digital products avoid dark patterns and comply with the latest laws.

Align with your risk appetite

Tailor your compliance strategy to fit your company's specific risk tolerance levels.

Target compliance by jurisdiction

Customize compliance efforts to align with specific legal standards across various jurisdictions.

Supercharge your enforcement against dark patterns

We help you map, prioritize and carry out enforcement actions using scientific, verifiable evidence.

Strengthen regulatory oversight

Enhance your ability to oversee and regulate digital spaces by identifying dark patterns with precision.

Empower evidence-based actions

Use cutting-edge technology to analyze data, providing robust evidence for enforcement actions.

Advance legislative compliance

Facilitate a proactive regulatory approach that sets a benchmark for digital ethics and consumer protection.

Power up your compliance & litigation on dark patterns

Rigorous insights from psychology, neuroscience and UX design that can transform your cases. We find, test and fix dark patterns.

Enhance your case strategy

Gain a competitive edge in litigation with science-backed insights into user behavior and dark patterns.

Streamline your compliance consulting

Integrate our comprehensive analysis into your consulting services to help your clients.

Foster innovation in legal practice

Stay at the forefront of legal practice by using cutting-edge research and methodologies in your case work.


FairAudit Pro

A comprehensive, expert-led audit of user journeys to identify dark patterns, detail compliance violations and offer remediation recommendations

Fair User Lab

A range of qualitative, quantitative and eye tracking research services to understand if products use any problematic dark patterns

Legal Document Design

Analyse your contracts, terms and privacy policies to ensure that they are written in a consumer-friendly style while being legally robust.

Coming Soon

Products currently in development

FairAudit AI

An AI-driven audit that scans user journeys, uncovers dark patterns, shows compliance violations and gives recommendations.

Marketplace Monitor

Indexing social media and consumer review sites to create a leaderboard of businesses that use of dark patterns.


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Fair Patterns Podcast and Blog

Exploring the intersection of ethics, design, and compliance in the digital world

Dark Patterns and Young Minds:
Claire Quinn's Take on Online Safety
July 4, 2024

Dark Patterns and Young Minds:
Claire Quinn's Take on Online Safety

In this episode of "Fair Patterns: Regain Your Freedom Online," we are joined by Claire Quinn, Chief Privacy Officer at Privo and former Chief of Safety at WeWorld.
Deceptive patterns: how can we make choices fairer online?
June 27, 2024

Deceptive patterns: how can we make choices fairer online?

In the latest ‘Top of the Agenda’ podcast, Dr. Helen Jenkins, Marie Potel-Saville, and Dr. Anastasia Shchepetova discuss how deceptive online patterns exploit user biases and ways to create fairer digital choices.
Paavana Kumar on How are Businesses Navigating the Dark Patterns Maze.
April 24, 2024

Paavana Kumar on How are Businesses Navigating the Dark Patterns Maze.

In this episode of "Fair Patterns: Regain Your Free Will Online," Paavana Kumar, Partner at Davis + Gilbert, and Marie Potel-Saville, Founder of Amurabi & Fair Patterns, engage in a comprehensive discussion about dark patterns and deceptive online practices.



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