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Fair User Lab

Our expertise in law, product design and user research enables us to help you understand the impact of dark patterns on users. We can provide scientific evidence both before and after remediation.

Qualitative Lab Research

In-depth user research with a focus on fairness and dark patterns, either in person or remote.

Eye Tracking Studies

Shine a light on the way visual perception may be used to help or hinder users when interacting with a UI.

Surveys and Polls

Reach out to a user group to build a quantitative understanding of their experiences with dark patterns

Analytics and AB testing

We can help you analyse user behaviour funnels and test variants to identify where dark patterns may occur.

Qualitative Lab Research

Our unique expertise in harmful choice architecture enables us to run  qualitative research focusing on identifying and understanding user responses to dark patterns - and fair patterns after a remediation phase.

Custom Methodology: we typically employ "Retrospective Think-Aloud" (RTA) with a focus on users perception of fairness and dark patterns.

HDI Post-Test Rating Scale: After each session, participants rate their experience using HDI - our in-house "Harmful Design Index", providing quantitative insights into the qualitative data.

Expert Analysis and Recommendations: Our team of UX experts and legal advisors analyzes the findings to offer actionable design and compliance strategies, ensuring your products align with ethical standards and regulatory requirements.

A Tobii eye tracker device.
Fair User Lab

Eye Tracking Studies

Our eye tracking studies shine a light on the way visual perception may be used to help or hinder users when they interact with a user interface.

Qualitative Eye Tracking

Use heatmaps and gaze-plots combined with user interviews to understand how a UI gets perceived when users complete tasks.

Quantitative Eye Tracking

Demarcate areas of interest in your UI and measure whether users notice critical information such as ad disclosures or legal terms.

Fair User Lab

Surveys and Polls

Not sure whether your interfaces could be misleading or manipulative? Get the truth from the only source that really matters: your users.

Fair User Lab

Analytics and AB testing

Analyse user behaviour funnels and test different variants to identify areas where dark patterns may occur. Our expertise in this area can help you achieve excellent conversion rates while ensuring legal compliance.


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