We offers a comprehensive range of solutions aimed at identifying and rectifying dark patterns.

Fair User Lab

Our user research lab offers a range of qualitative, quantitative, and eye tracking research services to help you understand and identify dark patterns in your solutions. Through our expert analysis, you can gain valuable insights to improve user experiences and ensure ethical design practices.

Eye Tracking Research

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research

Legal Document Review & Redesign

Our Legal Document Review & Redesign services focus on analyzing and optimizing your contracts, terms, and privacy policies to ensure they are written in a consumer-friendly, easy-to-understand style while remaining legally robust.

Terms and Conditions

Thorough analysis of your legal documentation to enhance readability and compliance.

Privacy Policies

Expert guidance in designing consumer-friendly legal agreements that protect your business.

Coming Soon

Products currently in development

FairAudit AI

An AI-driven audit that scans user journeys, uncovers dark patterns, shows compliance violations and gives recommendations.

Marketplace Monitor

Indexing social media and consumer review sites to create a leaderboard of businesses that use of dark patterns.

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