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Legal Document Design

Optimize your contracts, terms, and privacy policies to ensure they are written in an easy-to-understand style while remaining legally robust.

Say goodbye to unintelligible legal documents

Our multidisciplinary approach combines expertise from law, neuroscience, content design UX research and workshopping.

Scientifically informed design: we apply principles from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to make complex legal information more digestible.

Collaborative workshopping: engage in interactive sessions that bring together your team and ours, designing documents through UX workshopping methods.

Prototyping and user testing: we’ll work with you to build a series of prototypes, iteratively improving with user testing to ensure they meet your users’ needs.

Reduced reading time

Streamline document navigation, saving readers valuable time without compromising on detail or accuracy.

Easier comprehension

Enhance understanding with clear language, making complex legal concepts accessible to everyone.

Improved trust

Build customer confidence by presenting transparent, straightforward legal information.

Increased accessibility

Ensure legal documents are inclusive, catering to diverse needs and promoting equal understanding across all users.

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Project models

Tailor-made document design
Either from scratch or redesigning existing documents
Custom-fit to business needs
Future-proof legal documents
Improves comprehension
Flexible design process
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Off the shelf documents
Ready-made by our experts and adjusted to your needs
Cost-effective solution
Tried and tested
Quick implementation
Industry-standard compliance
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