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Celia Hodent on Why Should we Fight Dark Patterns.

Published on
April 11, 2023

Did you know that …

✅ 97 % of e-commerce websites in the EU contain at least one dark pattern

✅ dark patterns increase the heart rate of users and raise anxiety

✅ kids are more vulnerable to dark patterns, as the part of the brain that helps us control our impulses fully matures at 25 years of age

In this very first episode, Marie Potel and her guest, Celia Hodent, psychologist specialized in UX games, independent consultant as a game UX strategist, and founder of GDC UX summit talk about the detrimental impacts of dark patterns on user experience and why companies should care about it in a long run strategy. They discuss the cognitive biases at play with dark patterns, the regulation applicable, the harms caused to individuals and to our economic model, and the incentives to switch from dark to fair patterns.

To go further :

👉 “What UX is really about : introducing a mindset for great experiences”, by Celia Hodent

👉 OECD digital economy papers “Dark commercial patterns”, oct. 2022, n°336

👉 European Commission report “Behavioural study on unfair commercial practices in the digital environnement : dark patterns and manipulative personalisation”, april 2022

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