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Dark Patterns and Young Minds:
Claire Quinn's Take on Online Safety

Published on
July 4, 2024

In this episode of "Fair Patterns: Regain Your Freedom Online," we are joined by Claire Quinn, Chief Privacy Officer at Privo and former Chief of Safety at WeWorld. Claire shares her extensive experience in privacy, security, and child protection online, tracing her career from the early days of the internet to her current role. She discusses the evolution of online safety measures, emphasizing the importance of privacy and safety by design.

Claire offers insights into the challenges of balancing protection and empowerment for minors, explaining how online harms have often outweighed benefits. She highlights the critical role of age assurance mechanisms and the complexities surrounding age verification. The conversation also covers the impact of dark patterns on children, illustrating how these deceptive design practices exploit their vulnerability.

This episode provides a comprehensive look at the ongoing efforts to create a safer digital environment for children, making it a must-listen for anyone concerned with online safety.

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