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Marie Potel-Saville Joins EDPBs Pool of Experts on Dark Patterns

Published on
February 7, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that our founder, Marie, has just been selected to be part of the European Data Protection Board’s Support Pool of Experts (“SPE”)  in the field of dark patterns! It was a thorough selection process, where she provided a synthesis of all her work for the past 6 years fighting dark patterns:

  • 2 years of R&D to create the concept of fair patterns: interfaces that empower users to make their own, informed and free choices;
  • Creation of 23 fair patterns to date and way more coming;
  • Creation of the first platform to fight against dark patterns: detection of dark patterns, remediation to transform them into fair patterns and training of designers, developers, marketers to avoid creating new dark patterns;
  • But also dozens of privacy-enhancing projects like global privacy notice redesigns for Tier-1 clients, design of age-appropriate privacy policies (including focus groups, co-creation workshops and user testing with minors), our work with the CNIL to create model interfaces to empower kids and teens to better understand and exercise their rights, and to create toolkits for designers, several projects creating neuroscience-based e-learning to boost understanding and memorization of key privacy concepts, litigation design in 19 jurisdictions namely to empower judges to better understand complex digital and privacy concepts and creation of decision-making tools to empower non-lawyers to make the best decisions for themselves
  • Last, but not least, she shared her research and scientific articles:
  • Marie Potel-Saville & Mathilde da Rocha, “How to solve the dark patterns issue – a Human-centered approach”, CPDP 2023, to be published in 2024
  • Marie Potel-Saville & Mathilde da Rocha “From Dark Patterns to Fair Patterns? Usable Taxonomy to Contribute Solving the Issue with Countermeasures”, Annual Privacy Forum, 2023
  • Marie Potel-Saville, “From dark to fair patterns? How can design-driven innovation and neurodesign help fighting against deceptive design”, Legal Design Roundtable 2023 – to be published
  • Marie Potel-Saville & Fabien Lechevallier, “Comment les dark patterns manipulent nos usages mobiles?”, Congrès Acfas 2023
  • Marie Potel-Saville & Elisabeth Talbourdet Chapter: « Empowering children to understand and exercise their personal data rights » Ledizioni, November 2021
  • Marie Potel-Saville & Mathilde da Rocha, PhD Chapter: « Contract design beyond the hype: measuring the value of legal design Research Handbook on Contract Design, Edward Elgar, 2022
  • Shaping the Law to Restore its Function? 18-month research as part of the « Innovation by Design » Master’s Degree at ENSCI January 2020

Marie can’t wait to start collaborating more deeply with the EDPB when the time comes.

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