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FairAudit offers a thorough audit led by expert investigators to identify and address dark patterns, detailing compliance violations and providing recommendations for remediation.

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FairAudit Pro

Find out if your product is using illegal dark patterns

Dark patterns are common today - but the regulatory environment has changed. Practices that were considered acceptable in previous years are now the subject of enforcement and fines.


of solutions reviewed in a European Commission research project were found to contain dark patterns.


of cookie notices reviewed by researchers Soe et al. were found to contain dark patterns.


of ecommerce sites reviewed by SERNAC were found to contain dark patterns.

Gain user respect and loyalty

Staying ahead of legal requirements not only avoids penalties but also positions your brand as an industry leader in ethical practices.

Enhanced user trust

Building a transparent and ethical digital product fosters trust among users.

Positive brand reputation

Trust translates into brand equity, long-term loyalty and reduced churn rates.

How it works

Just four steps to ensure your digital products are free of dark patterns, legally compliant and treat your customers fairly.


You select the user journeys to audit

Pinpoint areas for compliance review and enhancement.


We'll inspect for dark patterns

We'll look at every step, identifying dark patterns for compliance risk.


We'll audit against the laws in your region

We'll connect detected patterns to regional laws, for risk management.


We'll provide design recommendations

We'll suggest design changes for better compliance and user experience


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